Advocates Door

Advocates Door (I wrote this for

In a deep thought, we think of the smiles, joy, love and caringness that are friends bring to so many of us. They love unconditionally without limits, without restraints and with every being of who they are. Without passing judgment on any other human being they push to help others feel happy inside and out. We sometimes forget that advocates are people too with emotions and when we see their smiles that light up, it gives others hope that they too will smile in that way, but sometimes we have to realize that they need the same unconditional love without judgment. Many advocates are seeking to inspire and give hope to those who need it and are lost because of this virus we call HIV. When that advocate goes home and closes the door behind them who is there to hold their hand, who is there to give them a hug, and who is there to tell them that everything will be okay. The stigma from society bothers their soul, their family has pushed them away and many advocates struggle with loneliness in private and in silence, ashamed to tell the feelings are so real for them once they sit in a lonely home with no one beside them. No one to say I love you dear, no one to lay next to, no one to have their back in their time of need, no children, no wife, no husband, but still they wake up, walk out the door smile and advocate for change a feeling in them that goes beyond their own selfless feelings. Depressed and dejected still fighting for equality, social justice, discrimination, and violence for the ones that they love so much. Are advocates are human beings who do get tired, who do get frustrated, who want to sometimes give up and if they do what will happen to the many people who need them? The ones who thrive off of their strength, the ones who says to them you really made my day today, so I say let’s be more aware of our advocates because we don’t know who is crying behind that closed door and just maybe one day that advocates door won’t open again to help bring a change.


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