I see this young man almost every morning after work at 6:30 am he’s a humble young man and yesterday I finally had a talk with him. He’s 31 years old, an alcoholic and homeless. His hands are swollen, and even though he’s a black man I can see the redness in his face from so much drinking I feel he may already have liver disease. All I thought about is that young man is around the same age as my nieces and nephews. I gave him a ride to his sister’s house while I listened to him speak about how he just wanted to get some sleep, how he hoped his sister was in a good mood and would let him come in just to rest. I the asked him if she doesn’t then what? He said, Ms. Dee, then I’ll have to walk and find somewhere to sleep outside. As he got out of my car I gave him my card and told him to call me if he was hungry. As I drove off I cried and thought about how there’s nothing to complain about, how so many people get into situations we know nothing about. How did this young man get this far gone and when did it start? I spoke to him about how there is help out there for him and not to let go of hope so when he thought he was ready to stop drinking and not having a place to go I would do what I can to help him with resources. Wishing I could help, but knowing that I really can’t so I just offer something to him when he feels he needs to eat. I really feel in life that we must show some compassion to others by mentally putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. What if that was me or a family memeber? I thought about him most of the day and said to myself HIV isn’t so bad, is it? How was it possible for me to make it this far being diagnosed with HIV and not loosing my mind? How was it possible to not just give up and take my drinking to a level of never stopping? Not that I’m happy to be diagnosed with HIV, but I feel being diagnosed has changed how I see the world today. Society looks down on so many people when they can find it in their hearts to just love. Love is a word that many just don’t understand a person has to go very deep within their soul to truly understand the love for others. It’s a feeling of not judging and embracing everyone no matter who they are, feeling the cry so far in their minds that they can understand what another may be going through. Even though we can’t help everyone we can still give our love in a way to let them know someone out there does care. Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sadness for another person who is afflicted by misfortune, what a word and not many get it. Open yourself to care more for others and it will help you in a way you wouldn’t even Comprehend. It’seems that it should not always be about us and being selfless is what it should be. Loving the world and every human being in it will help make it so much better for every single one of us.


4 thoughts on “Compassion!

  1. You showed great empathy towards this young man. Something that is sorely lacking in society today. Just to take the time to listen to people’s stories and try to understand how they got to wherever they are in life today can make a world of difference to someone. I am pretty sure that this man felt that you genuinely cared about him and I have a feeling you will hear from him again someday. You are a beautiful example of empathy for us all❤️


    • Thank you, Andrea, you know I really think that some people forgot how to love. People can get so caught up in themselves that they become selfish. We have to care for others and should be greatfull that we even wake up each day to breathe. Once they can actually see and feel that too there selfishness will change. 😀


  2. A very good read this morning. I remember myself almost getting into the guy’s situation when I got diagnosed with H. I. V. I was lucky I didn’t lose my mind. The thought of my kids kept me going. It’s true that at many times we tend to assume some things but it’s a strange world and things work in mysterious ways. Am thankful that I came out of the situation and am now proudly taking care of my family and slowly but surely working on my rapping career.


    • Richard, I feel the same too. Its amazing I didn’t loose it. Just believing in me and life I got through it. I am so happy you got through it because this virus can leave us lost. Thank you for your comment 😀


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