Change The WHY!

Has there ever been anything in your life that you believe in so much that you wanted to just share it and let others know about it? Something that you knew would change the lives of so many people if they would just take the time to only listen. Listening doesn’t cost a cent it only takes the effort of a listening ear who is willing to learn new things that can possibly make a difference in their lives and realize that things in this vicious world affect us all in some sort of way. Although you may not be the one that is actually dealing with the problem it is still there and one day it may be you or someone you love that will wake up and have a life changing experience, an experience that can put a halt in the way that you live, an experience that will finally make you think so hard you feel as if they are losing your mind, an experience that keeps you ashamed of living, an experience that leads you to think I might as well crawl under a rock or into a corner because I am damaged goods. We are put here on earth for a reason, for a purpose and I know it’s to be that individual you were born to be. I believe things happen the way that they happen for a reason, but it is also a reason that many people struggle with the WHY, WHY is this happening to me, WHY am I living this, WHY do I feel lost, WHY, WHY, WHY! We need to change that WHY into what can I do to fix this and I say this because we are all chosen for things that we will not figure out. We can only work on the solution and when there is something you feel is a problem there is only a solution to fix it. There are no problems at all, we make problems and you have to work to solve them. That experience you are facing that you feel has altered your life can be something that makes you stronger than you have ever known.
I advocate because I know it’s my purpose, I know I am here to bring change in the lives of others. That life changing experience I was talking about changed who I was and allowed me to love every individual in the world for who they are and not judge anyone based on their exterior. I advocate reaching one person if that’s all I can reach, I advocate to help others see that it’s ok and that they don’t have to be afraid, I advocate so others know that they won’t lose their minds, I advocate helping others not be ashamed of who they are. I help to show that there is NO SHAME IN BEING HIV (Rise Up To HIV) by letting my face be known for a virus that people hide from especially in the black community #blocHIV. I advocate #UequalsU (Prevention Access Campaign) because everyone diagnosed with HIV has a right to know that they are not infectious. I advocate ending stigma in a world that is so judgemental when it comes to individuals living with HIV. I advocate because I pray those with closed minds will one day say it’s time to have an opening ear and listen because what I think is not affecting me may affect me one day.

This use to be me thinking that the issues of this sad world don’t affect me, but they do and it did. Change the WHY! Use your purpose!

Davina Conner (Pozitively Dee)